While it may have taken some time to get into the swing of things, most individuals and households use some form of digital technology in their everyday lives. Gone are the days of relying solely on a few plugged-in household appliances to operate a functioning household.

Today, besides smartphones, many homes are equipped with a streaming service and even virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Siri. Technology benefits individuals and families through connectivity and efficiency and is a big time-saving mechanism.


Lifestyles were turned upside down when many were sent home to remote work during the pandemic. Many didn’t trust going into grocery stores, movie theaters closed, and DoorDash became synonymous with the ever-present question, “what’s for dinner?”

These lifestyle changes gave Matthew Mansell the idea of the next fitness unicorn. As the Athlo founder, Mansell wanted to bridge the gap between those who didn’t mind a home workout but needed structure and instructions. As such, he developed Athlo.

Athlo is a digital fitness platform that aligns the fitness goals for those struggling to go to the gym. As Athlo founder, Mansell believes that his business will encourage fitness and benefit those using and selling services.

Michael works as the middleman between those with fitness goals and gyms, per se. His ideal clients are those who enjoy working out but don’t want to waste money on gym memberships that they hardly use. For those customers, having access to a digital platform is crucial. And when those same customers have the time and want to go to a gym, Athlo makes that possible.

There is nothing better than solving a problem and Matthew Mansell has done that. As he stated, “brick and mortars and digital AR/Vbri [artificial reality/virtual reality], can come together to bring the industry forward.” So it looks like the next fitness unicorn is here to stay.

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