Greg Secker is a famous philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and a great international speaker. It is the leading in forex technology. These are the companies that he founded for only 27 years and have become the giants in the industry. He has been able to accumulate millions of dollars in the sector and thus has decided [ Read On… ]

When we talk of leadership and expertise in retail and finance it gets no better than Susan McGalla. She is not only a businesswoman but one of the most experienced business leaders in retail. Susan has served in almost all capacities in the retail industry giving her an unprecedented insight into the sector making her [ Read On… ]

Austin, Texas native Marc Sparks is a very inspirational figure. An entrepreneur, businessman, mentor and philanthropist, Sparks is a serial entrepreneur that has been a principal in at least 65 businesses. Now a multimillionaire, Marc Sparks was barely able to maintain a ‘C’ average when he graduated high school. He never attended college, yet Sparks [ Read On… ]

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it has taken information and individuals that were once previously highly inaccessible to the average person and made them available to anyone who has a smartphone, a computer and an internet connection. Whereas people might have had to walk to the store and purchase a celebrity magazine [ Read On… ]

Leaving the universe of the scholarly community can be troublesome, yet Scott Rocklage moved nimbly from graduate school into the expert world. Since he believed that he needed to concentrate on science, he took a position driving a little research group that concentrated a procedure that is known as homogeneous catalysis. Likewise with the greater [ Read On… ]

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Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has also established various start-ups throughout his career, some of which are performing well in the global market. Secker has mentored various businesspeople through his seminars and international talks.   An interview with Ideamensch   In his recent interview with Ideamensch, Secker told the media that [ Read On… ]