New York City is one of the most sought after places in the world for entrepreneurs and business oriented people alike. The whole city has a certain aura of productivity and creativity that is contagious. As most people come to realize however, finding work space in New York can be a nightmare. Generally, either all of the available space is taken, and if not, then it seems to cost a fortune. One of the cures to this growing epidemic has been the rise in popularity of coworking or shared office spaces. This collaborative form of work environment provides a vast array of benefits for those who participate. First and foremost, it is wildly affordable compared to renting private space. The collaboration with other like-minded individuals will certainly increase personal and professional networks. The motivation and drive to work hard will be even greater in an environment where everyone is focused and diligent.

Workville NYC is a company that provides all different kinds of shared office spaces for those individuals and small businesses looking to take advantage of this growing trend with shared office space in Manhattan. Their offices are conveniently located near Bryant Park, large transportation networks as well as Time Square itself. The office space is breathable and open with a good position for receiving ample amounts of sunlight. The offices that are available through Workville include open desks, shared offices and move-in ready offices. There is also more than enough space throughout the building for members to move around and work. With 3 terraces, a cafe and a lounge, there is enough space for everyone.


All of the major features and amenities of a normal office can be found at Workville NYC. It’s central location makes it convenient for everybody. With 24 hour access, members can work freely when it works best for them and their business. There is mail service as well as reliable and fast internet to ensure workflow moves unabated. Printers are also available for use. Daily cleaning helps to maintain a clean and workable atmosphere. There is also coffee available to help with those long spurts of work. Workville NYC can be found specifically at the office building of 1412 Broadway on the 21st floor.


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