Vincent Parascandola attended the Xaverian High School before joining Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where he later went back to in order to become a Key Note Speaker at the Pace University Commencement in the year of 2014. After achieving his Bachelor of Science in the area of Computer Science.

After college Vincent Parascandola started up in the Irving Trust Company as their Systems Analyst from the year of 1986 through till the year of 1988. Next he moved on to become an agent for Prudential Insurance where he stayed for two more years before again moving on, this time to work at The MONY Group, this time as a Financial Professional. Staying in that position for three years before being promoted into the position of Sales Manager of The MONY Group, Vincent Parascandola worked long and hard, dedicating all of himself to the company. His devotion paid off, because in 1996 Parascandola was promoted yet again, this time into the role of Managing Director where he stood for another two years before being awarded one of his greatest honors through being promoted for a final time and offered highly impressive amounts of power through the new title of Field Vice President and all the outstanding responsibilities and opportunities that came along with the promotion that he was given for all of his amazing hard work.

Since leaving The MONY Group Vincent Parascandola has worked primarily with AXA Equitable. He started off as the company’s Executive Vice President and gradually moved up over time to different and more powerful positions within the company. In January of the year 2008, after having worked as AXA Equitable’s Executive Vice President for nearly three years, Parascandola went on to take up the position of President over the Advantage Group and then later on after a year in that position, he left to accept the promotion offered ti him about becoming the President of the Continental Division. After three years and six months he adopted the position of Chief Sales Officer before leaving both of those positions, becoming the Senior Executive Vice President.


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