Vijay Eswaran, born on 7th October 1960, is the Executive Chairman of MLM Company QI Group, based in Hong Kong, China, and have regional offices in over 30 other countries. Father of Vijay Eswaran worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, and this led to him leading a nomadic childhood as his father got regularly transferred to different parts of the country. However, after his high school completed, he went to London School of Economics, where he received a socio-economic degree in 1984. After his studies had been completed in London, he continued to stay and work in different parts of Europe, which includes working as a cab driver to picking grapes in Vineyards and from working at a construction site to a whole lot of other petty jobs.



However, while he was in the United Kingdom, he learned and got familiar with the binary system marketing, which caught his interest. It is what pushed him to further his knowledge about the binary system marketing and get a professional qualification certification from CIMA in the United Kingdom. He also went on to polish his educational background by getting Masters in Business Administration degree from Southern Illinois University in the year 1986. While working for a firm called Synaptics in the United States, Vijay Eswaran was already associated with the multi-level marketing to a great extent. However, after he returned to Malaysia, one of the giants in the multi-level marketing, Cosway Group, approached Vijay Eswaran to start with the company’s Philippines operations, and it is what marked the beginning of Vijay Eswaran in the MLM business on a serious note.

After returning to Asia in the year 1998, Vijay Eswaran co-founded an MLM firm that later on grew exponentially under his leadership, and is now known worldwide as the QI Group. It is an e-commerce multi-model conglomerate that is involved in many different businesses, including luxury products, consumer goods, travel, telecommunications, corporate investments, media, training, and wellness. It has offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, and has a presence through its subsidiary companies in over 30 countries. As an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, Vijay Eswaran has spoken on many important events, including at the World Economic Forum and the sixth annual Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, an important annual event in India.



One of his books that led him to popularity as an author is “In the Sphere of Silence,” which was published in the year 2005, and narrated his life and philosophy of business and management from his perspective. It marked some of the important life habits he has developed over the years, which has helped him a lot, including starting off each day with an hour of silence and elaborating its significance. Vijay Eswaran is also the creator of an interactive learning program named “Thought of the Day,” famously known as the TOD Program. His other books include, “In The Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones”, “On The Wings of Thought,” and “Two Minutes From The Abyss,” which was recently released in the year 2016.



Vijay Eswaran is also the founder of the RHYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility arm of his company, QI Group. He is also the founder of the philanthropic foundation named after his father, Vijayaratnam Foundation, in Malaysia, which is associated with a broad range of charitable organizations and volunteer activities in the country. These philanthropic organizations continue to help the communities they serve in and help with different charitable causes through volunteer work and financial donations.



In 2013, Forbes Asia named Vijay Eswaran 25th richest Asian out of the list of 50, and in 2012 he was also given the prestigious New Global Indian Award, recognizing his stream of achievements in the field of business, networking, and philanthropy, at the Global Indian Business Meet, held in New York.



QI Group of Companies, founded and managed by Vijay Eswaran, is involved in many different business sectors, including luxury, lifestyle and leisure, logistics, property development and management, direct selling, e-commerce, training, and education. Vijay Eswaran, through his experience and extraordinary business skills, has helped QI become a global name, with operations in many different countries. Vijay is an energetic personality and continues to seek out new opportunities where he can get involved in.

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