In an industry characterized by stiff competition and frequent crises, Todd Lubar continues to soar. The graduate of Syracuse University holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. The immensely successful entrepreneur is the founder President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. After his graduation in 1995, Lubar immediately got into the real estate industry and started working as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While at Crestar, he was exposed to conservative mortgage banking. His capacity to acquire and develop the skills of mortgage origination would prove very beneficial to him in successive ventures. Lubar also worked hard to polish his interpersonal skills while still at the company. By the time he left the company, he had established strong relationships with clients, sales agents, financial planners and insurance agents. These cordial relationships now give him significant business through referrals.

His acquisition of an equity position with Legacy Financial Group gave Lubar an increased capacity to give out loans to outside investors while still serving as a direct mortgage bank. Three years later, Lubar established a real estate firm, Legendary Properties. The firm was dedicated to purchasing of residential properties, rehabilitating them and then selling them at a profit. His venture proved highly successful; not only did Legendary generate revenue from the sale of the renovated house; it was an avenue for Todd Lubar to meet with the stake holders in the building industry including true professionals in the construction sector and leading banking institutions that advance credit facilities to the tune of $20million.

Lubar’s contribution to the Mortgage industry has earned him a spot in the top 25 loan originators for several years now. Besides interests in the real estate industry, he has invested in scrap metal recycling, commercial demolition, and the night clubs. He currently resides in Bethsaida together with his two children.

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