The Securities and Exchange Commission currently offer various privileges to its whistleblowers due to the helpful information that they provide. The provision of this rights is made possible by the SEC whistleblower protection program. This plan was established in 2010 when the Congress passed two major legislations that transformed the finance industry, and they are the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank’s Wall Street Reform. The Great Depression was the last law that had led to such a significant change before the approval of these two acts. The mandate of creating the informant protection program was offered by the Dodd-Frank Act. The plan’s regulations demand that anyone who provides information to the SEC should be given job security and a financial motivation.


The passing of the whistleblower protection program motivated many law companies to start offering legal representation to the informants of the SEC. Labaton Sucharow is a law company that was formed 50 years ago and the primary services that the firm provides deal with plaintiff representation. In 2010, the law firm became the first to start a whistleblower representation practice that has developed over time. Its way of filing lawsuits is outstanding, and this has been essential in offering top-notch services. The company has employed professionals who are well informed on the enactment of the state and federal laws that govern securities. Its experts include financial analysts, in-house investigators, and forensic specialists. Labaton Sucharow’s partner, Jordan A. Thomas, the provision of whistleblower representation solutions at the company. He once served the SEC as a deputy director. Jordan is an experienced SEC whistleblower lawyer, and he was on the committee that formed the protection program.


According to the commission’s whistleblower security program, the witness should be given about a third of the money that is collected due to sanctions on the lawbreakers. Their jobs are also safeguarded, and they cannot be fired. The Dodd-Frank Act has prohibited the reprisal of employers to the information sources.


Individuals who are willing to learn more about the informant security program can contact the whistleblower representation team via phone calls, emails, or visiting their offices. It is advisable for the witness to hire a SEC whistleblower attorney if he or she would like to remain anonymous. The information that is provided to the organization if protected by attorney-client privileges. The Commission does not charge the public any consultation fees.

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