It is not uncommon to see people that are supposed to be pensioners struggling with a job that can help them put food o the table. To make matters worse, these are people that with the right guidance shouldn’t be doing that. David Giertz an investment advisor believes that the people who are failing the most in the whole issue are investment bankers, employers and all other stakeholders in the financial sector. David Giertz claims that if these people were to be armed with the appropriate information, they would not end their careers in the sad state that they usually do.

There are several things he feels that people need to know about insurance on First, he wants the people that work in the blue collar jobs to understand they are the ones who stand to make the most gains out of the system. He feels that the most unfortunate thing about the entire situation is that these are the same people that treat the entire issue with the highest level of ignorance. In most cases according to his experience, when issues such as compensation, looking for legal help and hiring lawyers are mentioned, this group of people completely shuns the idea of going after their benefits on

Another common issue in the sector is the people not really knowing the much that they can earn as compensation. Factors such as inflation are considered when calculations are being made at The amount that one was earning when they were working also matters a lot. He states that he has seen cases where people were cutting corners when they were in the workforce in order to pay fewer taxes, and this ultimately reduced the amount of benefits they were supposed to get. This and much more is information that needs to be availed to all for their own good.

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