Honor Flight is a charitable program that sends Veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the war memorials. This year, Honor Flight hosted an event that was exclusive to Native American Veterans. There have been many Native American Veterans from past wars such as Vietnam or World War II.


Many spectators and representatives gathered at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to welcome the returning Native American Veterans. They received a welcome meet and greet from important local figures such as Governor Sandoval and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. They held many cultural festivities and played Native American music. After the festivities, the spectators of the event had the opportunity to chat with and meet the veterans.


Native Americans played a very important role during World War II. There were over 25,000 soldiers from various tribes that were enlisted. They were not segregated like African Americans and they participated along side the Caucasian soldiers. This was considered the first time that many natives had the opportunity to leave their reservations and participate with White American culture.


The Navajo Code Talkers Project proved to be a very useful defence against Axis spies on their communications. The Native Americans were also utilized in this manner for communication encryption in World War I, The Korean War and The Vietnam War. The Navajo language is an unwritten language with complex grammar. The encryption was never broken by our enemies.


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