Danilo Diaz Granados is popularly is known for hosting hyper-sensory entertainment events, as Haute Living has covered before, and this summer it was no different. Danilo hosted a luxurious event for hand selected moneyed guests in Miami. The July’s event was an incredible event that featured various fantastic treats for the affluent guests including helicopter rides, exclusive previews, an excellent cuisine, bottles of Dom Perignon and a sunset boat ride.


Danilo said he aimed to create an unforgettable event that would give the guests a lifetime experience which he accomplished during the event.

The few chosen guests started their fabulous day with a special breakfast which was held at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. Here they were also presented with the private preview of the highly-expected residential building in the upper-class Biscayne part of Miami.


The objective of the event was to offer an opportunity to the affluent guest to connect with the extravagant lifestyle of Miami, including an excellent cuisine, art, and entertainment says Danilo from his Twitter.


The guests accompanied by their host Danilo enjoyed a 30 min helicopter ride where each and every guest had a chance to get behind the wheel and spin around the track.  On return, the guests were received with a glass of Dom Perignon champagne and followed by a lunch treat which was hosted by Dom Perignon at the River Yatch Club.


To wide up the excellent day, the guests enjoyed an amazing sunset boat ride in the bay. They had a chance to test the newest boats in the industry, and this was made possible by Technomar and Van Dutch.


The primary sponsors of the splendid day included top most companies and Danilo’s associates such as Air Commander Aerospace and Gryphon racing among others. The unforgettable event took place on land, air, and sea.


LinkedIn shows that Danilo Diaz Granados holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College.  He is also an associate at Fireman Capital Partners since 2005 where he was in charge of hedge funds, the formation of innovative startups and energy efficiency. Danilo is also the manager of resources for his two businesses.  Check out some of his amateur photography work on Flickr, or just read blog posts from the man himself on Danilo’s WordPress page.


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