Jason Hope is a celebrated futurist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, AZ. He is one of the most passionate supporters of the Internet of Things, a technology that relies heavily on the Internet and satellite to facilitate communication between different computing devices. Consumer-centric computing devices rely primarily on mobile networks while business-centric devices often rely heavily on the satellite technology to communicate with each other.

According to Jason Hope’s blog, without the satellite technology, the Internet of Things would not survive. Here are some of the major services and benefits that come from satellites.

Allows Businesses to Connect Remotely

Today’s businesses rely on the Internet of Things to connect with other businesses that extend across different geographical areas. Through these network-connected devices, businesses can monitor their assets, communicate with remote facilities, and manage unmanned, remote sites. Without this connected technology, just as Jason Hope says, it would not be possible to achieve any of these things, which would increase the expenses that modern business owners face and prevent certain operations from happening in the current business world.

Improves Mobile Connectivity

The satellite makes it possible to improve mobile connectivity beyond smartphones. With this new digital system, it is possible to use sensors on trains to monitor locations, speed, and the cabin temperature as passengers travel. Sensors can also be used to allow cargo vehicles and ships at sea to stay constantly on the radar of their dispatcher. Since mobile networks breakdown in many parts of the world, satellite technology is necessary for the Internet of Things to make these things efficiently possible.

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Enhances Reliability and Speed

Consumers are demanding for services that are reliable. As developers come up with more and more computing devices, the same developers are working hard to ensure these systems can guarantee reliability. They cannot achieve that without using satellite technology, especially for those services that require always-on connectivity, satellite integration. Speed is another element that is becoming increasingly important to the Internet of Things developers and consumers of their services. Technology expert Jason Hope believes that when users invest in the appropriate mobile satellite equipment, they can achieve the best speeds.

Jason Hope wants to contribute to the welfare of others. When this technology expert is not analyzing the benefits that the Internet of Things takes from the satellite technology, he is busy predicting the future of the IoT. Jason Hope who is a native of Arizona supports several local and international humanitarian projects, including the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix.

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