Everything Fast Food Needs
The fast food business is a global industry worth billions of dollars. It employs countless workers and unites the world together over delicious meals. However, it isn’t easy making all of this happen. In order for all of this to work out fast food companies need a constant stream of supplies. OSI Group gives these companies just that with the wide selection of various meats, doughs, and vegetables the processor provides.

The Secrets Behind The Success
The success of OSI Group depends on the genius model the company uses. Although OSI is undeniably an American company, it uses the resources of various small meat processors to help it meet its needs throughout the world. For example, in northern Europe OSI needs to provide various fast food companies on demand. It simply cannot use any of its American meat processors to supply those companies. Instead, OSI relies on Baho Foods to do this for them. Baho has spent years giving Scandinavians the deli meats they know and love with the efficiency companies like OSI demand.

The People Who Make Everything Tick
While OSI Group has certainly had some of the best management around, it’s success is due to the hard work of the people in the meat processing plants the company uses. These people have spent years working for OSI and never grow tired of working for them. In return for their excellent service OSI Group makes sure these workers are well paid and work only in the safest conditions possible. In fact, the insistence on safety has led to OSI Group receiving awards for excellence in safety from groups such as the British Safety Council. It isn’t surprising that a company with such a commitment to its workers has experienced so much success.

A Profile Of American Success
OSI Group is one of the greatest examples of the American Dream coming to life. In the course of 100 years the company has emerged as an entirely new entity. Originally, OSI was little more than a deli market in Aurora Illinois. Today, it is one of the 100 largest privately owned corporations and it has an eye for something even greater. As America has taken center stage in the world, OSI Group has also reached out to help the world. There isn’t anything more American than that style of business.

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