American Natives fall into several distinct languages and territories. Their only uniting factor is the cultural activities. Traditional ceremonies in Native America are still valid and practiced. The older systems of belief equally remain valid to the tribes. To these tribes, spiritualism accompanies the system of belief and faith. Religion and culture remain valid.






A quick look at the Denver community explains how the Native Americans embrace their culture. The people of Denver from Colorado gathered to celebrate the Native American Culture that was hosted at the Denver Coliseum. The event lasted three days having run through the weekend. The venue had the capacity of holding approximately 185 vendors from Colorado who offered catering services in traditional food and original art. The celebration was open for twelve hours a day, and it cost each attendant $7.



Profile of Powwow Event



The natives gathered to dance and honor their culture which was passed down to them by their great grandfathers. The different dancing styles were derived from the cultures. According to the president of the event, Mr. Ken LaDeux, the Denver March Powwow brought people together. They gathered to share culture, food, and friendship. The event presented a good platform for educating the youth in language, culture, and songs.






The current Powwow event is a gathering that features the infusion of all cultures. Each show of the Denver event is marked with a grand entry featuring dancers in traditional costumes. When everyone is in the dance arena with raise flags, the procession begins. A quick break usually follows the great entry for meals and refreshment. The event features an intertribal dance session. In the course, dancers from all walks of life interact to share different dancing styles. The dancers come in various age groups and sex.



Contest Dancing at Denver Powwow Event



The Denver Powwow event features contest dancing. It has participants in different age groups and is divided into categories of style and regional differences. This dancing features five slots for either men or women in the following order:



  • Traditional Dancing
  • Fancy Dancing
  • Grass Dancing
  • Fancy Shawl Dancing
  • Jingle Dress Dancing



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