Making it big in the world of art can be difficult, with success often coming down to having the right contacts. Prospective artists who are also Native Americans can find the hill particularly hard to climb.

Five Native American creative artists have decided to meet their challenges together. It was during this year’s Montana Folk Festival that they formed a group, which they named the Creative Indigenous Collective. Their talents were first put on display at an exhibit, titled “Emergence: A Collective of Plains Indian Warrior Artists,” which recently opened in Great Falls, Mont. Personal profiles on the members of the collective are available at

Those in the group have a variety of talents, which include wood carving and oil painting. They also come from a variety of backgrounds and apply themselves at different levels of experience. One of them has been working professionally in his field for nearly two decades.

In addition to looking for additional sources of funding, the group hopes to expand its membership by recruiting other artists. Future members may come from other creative fields besides arts and crafts, and could eventually include writers and performers. Immediate plans are more subdued, but they are still ambitious. These plans include the participation in shows at the Missoula Art Museum, the Yellowstone Art Museum and at venues in surrounding states.


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