Native American culture has closely been associated with nature. Many dyes used to color cloths were made from plants. Metropolitan Museum of Art, most well-known museum in New York city. is displaying native American art. The art museum already has featured portraits Early American leaders, Tiffany chandeliers, chairs designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Revert silver, and 19th century handmade quilts. In the fall of 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art would introduce a subsection for American historical art in their American Wing portion of the museum. According to museum curator Sylvia Young, many people who visit the American Wing expect to see Native American displays and in a little more than a year many museum visitors will be able to see the displays.

Native American art collectors Charles and Valerie Diker donated 91 works of Native American art to the museum. The Dikers, in addition to Native American drawings, also included ceramic and clay bowls, shields, tools, weapons, clothing, and bags that were created by Wasoe, Wasco, Arapaho,and Anishinaabe artists.

Charles and Valerie Diker have been avid Native American art collectors for more than 40 years. Last year, some of their Native American collection was seen in art exhibits in Toledo, Ohio. Native American art predates the works of Rembrandt and Michelangelo. Not even war and disease could take down the momentum these early Americans put into their art work.

Katherine Abu Hadel, who writes about Indian history wrote an article in 2013 claiming that Native American artifacts did not belong in a natural history museum with fossils and mummies. The artwork and cultural artifacts of the Native American deserves the same respect of Greek and Russian handiworks.

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