Whenever there is a recession, all businesses including banks suffer losses. Big banks in Brazil have survived the economic downturns and have made sufficient profits in the 2015 fiscal year. According to Igor Cornelsen’s iCrowdNewswire post, this success can be attributed to market knowledge and years of experience. In the 2014 financial year, Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (ITUB) banks increased their profits by a huge percentage. BBD increased their profits from 14.1 percent to 28 percent while ITUB raised their profits by 36 percent.


These banks increased their profits by lending money to potential borrowers who were giving banks a form of security. Medium reported that according to Igor, borrowers with undesirable credit ought to transact with public sectors since the government partially supports these public institutions. The Brazilian government should intervene to make markets safe by implementing proper market policies. The Brazilian market has many natural resources that need to be developed to transform Brazil into an investments hub. Additionally, Brazil is one of the biggest countries that have implemented agricultural practices resulting in increased food production.


Before you invest, you should analyze the pros and cons of the business that has attracted your attention. This is the reason why Cornelsen created a portfolio to help busy investors who are interested in investing in the Brazilian stocks. The merger of BBD and ITUB banks, which resulted in the establishment of Unibanco, has led to increased profits for the newly formed company. Brazil’s close relationship with China has promoted the growth of the Brazilian economy.


Cornelsen’s contribution to the banking industry


Cornelsen has earned national and international recognitions for his excellence in the provision of banking solutions, making him one of the top investors in Brazil. He has worked in one of the largest banks in Brazil, enabling him to interact with big corporate clients and wealthy individual customers. Igor is now retired and spends most of his time golfing in South Florida. He still creates time for investment and works as a consultant from time to time.  So when Igor says there is a new image for the economy, a way out of crisis, you should probably listen.

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