The straight edge razor was originally designed for men to shave with. Throughout the years, the straight edge slowly developed into a hair cutting tool as well. The razor was first used on men to give a closer cut around the nap of the neck and behind the ears. Razor haircutting is different than a shear cut in the razor cut will soften or texture the hair. There is a softer smoother look with the layers or weight lines less defined.

Donald Scott NYC has designed hair cutting tools to give stylist the opportunity to design a more precision style haircut for men or women. These tools are based on the straight razor haircut. Donald Scott NYC offers the DS/X4 Razor. This razor is for cleaning and finishing hair styles. It is an ideal tool for detailed work. It is great to use at the nape of the neck or around the back of the ears or to shape eyebrows. The Carving Comb is a three in one tool. This is meant for fine to medium hair, wet or dry. It has two razors and a fine tooth cutting comb. This tool can be used alone or with shears. The stylist can create a new style or use it to give texture or movement to the hair. The Swivel Twist Razor is two cutting tools with an ergonomic handle. The stylist can easily switch from a texture carve to 100% carve. This tool is used for shorter shapes, texture cuts or men’s haircuts. Donald Scott NYC tools allow the stylist to set a new trend in hair cutting.

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