The more fashion interested people may agree that fashion can be rather restrictive. According to Don Ressler, there are many ways that fashion seems to deny people the freedom of wearing clothes they really want. One of the ways that people are being restricted in fashion is through the stores that are selling clothes. While a lot of people may be aware of the types of clothes that are shown, they are not necessarily able to find these items in stores that sell clothing. Fortunately, there are stores opening up that offer a wider range of products according to

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Another way that fashion is being restrictive is through the discouragement of society. Often times, people who dare to dress in ways that are unique are frowned upon. While the peers may actually applaud the look that the woman tries, there are some people from higher places that are critics of fashion on They tend to have a rather restrictive and boring taste in fashion. As a result, they may criticize people that dare to dress a little bit different. For men, the only way to dress well is by wearing a suit and tie. Women have a little more room for dressing up, but they get a lot of criticism too..

There are efforts to open minds and options in fashion. Don Ressler himself is very interested in influencing fashion around the world. One thing that he wants to do is encourage people to step outside of the norm. Don Ressler also wants to make sure that both men and women have items that make it easier for them to step outside of their fashion comfort zone. The TechStyle website looks favorably on people that have pushed the boundaries in fashion. Even those that have gotten a lot of criticism for it are given a lot of praise for daring to challenge fashion.

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