The way people travel has changed dramatically over the past decade. Touristy destinations and traditional trips centered at resorts or focused specifically on leisure are no longer everyones idea of how to take a vacation. Eco-tourism and volunteerism are on the rise, allowing travelers the opportunity to travel with purpose, contribute to their destinations, and develop skill sets.

One way to embrace this form of travel is to travel with Wild Ark. The organization began with a group of caring conservationists, lead by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Working in identified green belts around the world, Wild Ark helps protects biodiversity, connects outsiders, and promotes research.

Travelers are able to experience a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly travel experiences through the guidance of Wild Ark. For example, a six day hiking adventure through the African bush is a great destination for nature lovers and people interested in developing careers as wilderness guides.

The picturesque terrain of South African landscapes is incomparable to any other destination. The trails that lead through the desert wilderness are unusual and untouched by mankind.

In the South African bush, travelers can eat, sleep, play, and learn in a beautiful setting day and night. During the day, hikers have the opportunity to view desert animals and plants. At night, hikers in the bush get to sleep under a beautiful dark sky lit by multitudes of glowing stars.

The uniqueness of the landscape and life forms in the bush are the result of preservation. These wild lands can only be viewed by those courageous enough to take on the adventure.

Traveling as an eco-tourist is both rewarding and fun. Travelers are able to experience places that the everyday tourist wouldn’t dream of going. Most importantly, they help keep these pristine places intact. Without conservationist efforts, areas like the African bush could be in danger.

If you love the outdoors and sharing time with like-minded people then an eco-conscious travel destination just may be the adventure of a life time that you’ve always been looking for. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and play in the wilderness!

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