The city of Osasco, in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil, is one of Southern Brazil’s largest and most important metropolises. With a population of nearly 700,000, it has the 9th largest gross metropolitan product of any of Brazil’s major cities and is one of the most important economic centers of the country’s southern region.


Osasco is also among the most densely populated cities in the world. The Brazilian penchant for vertical development is on full display in the city, with towering, modern skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.


But Osasco has also gained a reputation for inefficient and somewhat corrupt governance over the years. With the implementation of e-governe, these things will be consigned to ancient history. E-governe promises to take the city’s governance into the 21st century, finally fulfilling the city’s massive potential to become a first-world, developed metropolis.



E-governe automates the bad right out of governments


There are fields where great creativity and a lax adherence to the rules are high virtues. Governance isn’t one of them. One of the things that repels so many from a career of civil service is the sheer boredom and repetition of it. But boredom and repetition is often a direct consequence of good governance. It is the creative rule-breakers who have a tendency to lead government astray.


That is why systems like e-governe are transforming the ways in which government operates. By removing the opportunities for protocol violations, creative accounting and other often nefarious activities, e-governe ensures that the taxpayers are getting what they paid for, honest and straightforward government services.


To this end, e-governe created its Financiero platform, a system dedicated to removing all the guesswork from budget formation, payroll and accounting. In fact, the system can actually remove a great deal of repetition. Through the extensive automation of accounting and other tasks that would have previously fallen on the shoulders of bureaucratic paper-pushers, e-govern frees government employees up for doing what they’re typically best at, serving their constituents. At the same time, e-governe can save even small municipalities millions of dollars in payroll, through eliminating menial tasks associated with accounting, compliance and payroll.


E-governe also aids in the often contentious and labor-intensive tasks involved with drawing up budgets. With limited municipal budgets, everyone wants a piece of the pie. E-governe allows for real time conferencing, with powerful analytics, charts and graphs, which can aid all stakeholders in arriving at a budget that everyone can live with. And unlike the ways in which most budgets have been drawn up, these processes are available within the e-governe platform itself. This system is proven to reduce budget formation by hundreds or even thousands of man-hours. It also vastly increases transparency, making all stakeholders more likely to feel as if they’re getting a fair shake.


The e-governe Financiero platform also has many automated compliance and security features. These make corruption and graft nearly impossible, discouraging the worst abuses and enabling easy discovery of any perpetrators who may pilfer the public purse.

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