Greg Secker is an international speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He also owns Smart Chats Software and runs a non-for-profit organization that is aimed at improving the quality of life for communities around the world. He was already a multi-millionaire in his twenties having created one of Europe’s most successful trading companies. He started out his carrier life at Cook financial services and later moved to the foreign exchange business where he ran the virtual trading desk which was one of biggest real-time foreign exchange platforms.

He later moved and became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation which was among the fortune 500 investment banks in the United States. At Mellon, he was excited to work together with some of the best traders in the world using the trading knowledge gained from the virtual trading deck. He later quit the job at the company after his account grew and decided to set up his trading floor from his home, and by the end of three months he had already formed a company called Learn to Trade. His success has grown over the years, and in 2010, he emerged a finalist at the London Excellence Awards.

When he was asked about his “I am a why not guy” philosophy at an interview conducted by CEOCFO, he said that he had always believed in being positive about things. He also studied food science and agriculture while at school, but after building up a 3D follicle interactive model and sharing ideas with a guy at Thomas Cook financials, they ended up forming the virtual trading deck which became one of the first online trading platforms. He stills shares his passion for trading and now attends different seminars where he provides useful tools that people could use to improve their trading.

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