It is that time of the year when the American child claims the center of attraction. With only a few days to the night of the last day of the month, most American parents are busy doing one thing or another to make sure that their children celebrate Halloween in the most memorable way possible. Most probably, a large number of parents are doing the final touches to one or two scary masks and costumes.


Excitement and Love


For 7-year old Anthony Alfano, this year’s Halloween will be different. Although he is suffering from cerebral palsy and, therefore, does not speak, the young boy is bubbly as ever, with his excitement building up as the big night draws closer with each passing day. Spurred on by love for their little son, the family cannot help but share the thrill.


The family is determined to see in the night of October 31 in style. In the family’s Melrose Park residence, the dad, Tony Alfano, is busy in the garage, polishing up the costume into the best expression of a father’s love and the Halloween spirit. Deanna, the mom, is putting her makeup talents into use with this year’s Halloween star.


A Fitting Costume Design


The parents have decided that Anthony will be the Lincoln Memorial snow globe. Partly, the decision was taken in view of the child’s need to be sitting due to his condition. However, it is a decision that was taken as long ago as last year after the last Halloween. One thing for sure: Anthony will be one happy snow globe.




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