Before Kim Dao packed to go her K Com event, she realized that she had a lot more makeup than she could use. Kim Dao has had this makeup for years; she admits that she’s a makeup hoarder who doesn’t like to throw out makeup. Some of the makeup that Dao has collected has not [ Read On… ]

YouTube Vlogger and social media blogger Kim Dao is widely known for her informational video vlogs about Japanese beauty, hair care and body care products. She also has an extensive collection of blogs and vlogs featuring various travel destinations from all across the globe. She recently created a vlog that features her top ten favorite [ Read On… ]

Want to see what Shibuya looks like during Christmastime? Then you need to see Kim Dao’s vlog, “Christmas Party & Shibuya Shopping! | Vlogmas #15 | KimDao ft. Sunnydahye.” As you could tell from the title, this vlog also features the popular Korean YouTuber Sunnydahye. At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao says she needs [ Read On… ]