An elite cadre of “ultra-runners’ are teaming up with the Navajo Nation to send a strong message to Washington about preserving ancestral lands that have been sacred to Native Americans for thousands of years. Utah’s Bears Ears National Park and the Grand Staircase monuments are under assault from oil and mining companies that want develop [ Read On… ]

The planned closure of an Arizona coal plant has local Native Americans worried about their economic future. The Navajo Generating Station near the tiny town of Page, Arizona, is a major source of jobs and incomes for the Navajo tribe. Even though it will probably take years for the coal plant to be decommissioned, tribal [ Read On… ]

The Navajo Nation is the largest group of indigenous Americans in the United States, but they haven’t always been valued as political allies. The 2016 presidential election is changing that. As Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign begins to focus on swing states once thought out of reach of the Democratic party, she and her staffers are [ Read On… ]