Near San Francisco City Hall, there is a group of statues that are part of what is known as the Pioneer Monument. These statues are intended to depict scenes from the early period of California history. There will now be one statue removed from the display. “Early Days” is the name of the statue that [ Read On… ]

The Comanche Nation has been considering substantial changes in the written constitution of their tribe. A recent referendum has proposed three amendments to the tribal constitution. The first would require that important decisions be considered by the tribe at large instead of the tribal council. The second amendment would impose restrictions on those who seek [ Read On… ]

The Cleveland Indians have been using the Chief Wahoo logo they are known with since 1947. The outdated caricature character of an Indian chief was judged out as inappropriate and outdated. In the 2019 season, the logo will no longer be used by the team. Besides the logo being old, the main reason for the [ Read On… ]

Society in the United States often supplies amazing contradictions. A practice hailed in one industry as social progress may receive castigation as the height of political incorrectness and hypocrisy in another context. Perhaps few topics illustrate this paradox more effectively than the treatment of Native American culture (and other racial and ethnic minorities) by Madison [ Read On… ]

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has received a lot of criticism for stating that she has a mixed heritage that includes links to Cherokee and Delaware Native Americans. President Donald Trump has often fueled the criticism by referring to her as “Pocahontas.” Senator Warren addressed this matter again on Wednesday, February 14, while speaking to [ Read On… ]

This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren addressed the running controversy over her alleged Native American background. While she did not deny that she may have Native ancestry, she acknowledged that only tribal members have a say on who is a member of their tribe. In light of this, her family’s stories of being descended from a [ Read On… ]

The written word is, perhaps, history’s most efficient vessel for delivering emotion and accounts of human strife. With literature at the crossroads of empathy and wisdom, The Native American Literature Symposium, or NALS is stepping forward to connect the hearts and minds of Native Americans everywhere with their 2018 preliminary conference. This year’s conference will [ Read On… ]

Tillie Walker was 88 years old when she passed away on February 3, 2018. The influential tribal leader’s life was punctuated with achievements. During an era when most women, and Native Americans, did not attend college, Walker graduated from the University of Nebraska with a bachelor’s degree in business. She then took a train to [ Read On… ]

Americans have always loved their ethnic foods and restaurants – making the choice between Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Thai or Cajun cuisine for a night out of dining is among the great pleasures of life. But one major ethnic selection has been mysteriously missing from the robust American food scene – Native American. Fortunately, that [ Read On… ]