Adam is a Jew living in the US in California, having lived in Israel, and attended military training in early life in Israel and his studies in Israel. Both parents were Jews from different backgrounds who met in the US the mother from Mexico and the dad from Argentina who fought for the independence of [ Read On… ]

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Michael Hagele can easily be considered one of the top legal counsels for technology companies in a variety of industries. Working in biotechnology, aerospace, defense hospitality, the restaurant and internet industries, he has not only provided counsel, but has also actively been an investor and a business owner. Backing his experience is his two degrees, [ Read On… ]

Nick Vertucci is one example of a person, who rose from rags to riches. Born to poor parents, Nick had almost nothing to show in his childhood. Nevertheless, he prided himself in diligent parents, who worked hard to put food on the table. However, things became harder when Nick lost his father at the age [ Read On… ]

The real estate market is something that goes up and down. Sometime it is a sellers market. At other times it is a buyer’s market. Nick Vertucci is someone that can help people that are trying to realize how they can be profitable in the real estate business. He has been able to turn the [ Read On… ]

A partnership between the Brazilian government and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) would see the government announce concessions in the sanitation industry. In an interview, President of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, pinpointed that the concessions would improve basic sanitation through improvement of structural, administration and resource areas. During the interview, Felipe Montoro, [ Read On… ]

Wastewater solutions and increasing water toxicity levels: These are the issues at hand, and, Felipe Montoro Jens is more than prepared to discuss these matters further as he has recently interviewed – and plans to further interview – Carlos Edison, a manager and leader within Brazil’s economic concessions and social environmental divisions. In the interview, [ Read On… ]

In a recent interview, Felipe Montoro Jens mentioned that Brazil’s BNDES programs generated concessions are a continual debate as initiatives are often well-received by its water sector. The Brazilian government had previously announced such concessions through partnering with the BNDES. Edison Carlos, the President of Tata Brazil, was interviewed by Jens. During the interview, Carlos [ Read On… ]

David Giertz is one of the most successful individuals in the progressive financial services industry. Not long ago, David was working as the president of an institution known as Nationwide Financial in the Sales and department. While working in this company, David Giertz delivered the best results. He played a key role in helping the [ Read On… ]

An investor without proper counsel is an unlikely winner in today’s tantrum-throwing financial markets. Despite many countries’ economy underperforming, or forecasting unpredictable patterns, Igor Cornelsen still triumphs. With infinite intelligence on foreign exchange trades, commodities, and capital markets, he’s a meticulous consultant. As an erudite Brazilian investor, Mr. Cornelsen served many banking industry elites. Now [ Read On… ]