Before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans in California had developed a highly unique diet based on what was locally abundant and available to them – from seaweed and salmon, to more exotic fare, such as peppermint balls and roasted barnacles.


Today Native Americans have been working hard to reclaim, rediscover and teach the world about their original cuisine and preparation methods. A traveling exhibition bringing this knowledge to the public is attracting record attendance.


An exhibition is called A California Indian Feast and will make many stops around the country, such as at the Los Altos History Museum in Los Altos, California. People can see the exhibit there through April 16, 2017.


The program is seen as a significant leap forward for Native Americans on many levels. First, it bolsters the rebuilding of the identity of indigenous peoples whose culture was deeply oppressed and suppressed after contact with New World cultures.


Second, proper diet based on Native American traditions is a real health issue. Eating the foods Native peoples evolved with over thousands of years is a key to their optimum health.


Third, the rich variety of foods and the innovative methods of preparation demonstrate to the rest of the world how advanced the culinary arts were among the ancient, original inhabitant of the American West Coast.


Those who take in the California Indian Feast exhibit will discover such dishes as pine nut soup, huckleberry bread, rose hip syrup and manzanita cider made from berries of the manzanita bush.

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