Women who want to advance their abilities, ambitions, and career have now numerous of information and advice out there, though most of the advice they find may be generic rather than specific. Susan P. McGalla is a woman of epic proportions and is a consultant expert in business fields such as talent manager, marketing, branding operational efficiencies among others. She has made speeches on the way women can advance in business to many audiences including Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series. According to Susan P. McGalla, like not to take as women but as professionals who are a more practical authentic and perspective, of which the opposite is the best to start with.

Susan P. McGalla was born in the year 1964, in East Liverpool, Ohio to a local football coach. Susan P. McGalla was born in a family with other two brothers. Being amongst two brothers didn’t affect her as a girl or cut her any slake. The parents kept on encouraging her on being broad and taking courage when putting forward her ideas regardless of the people she addresses. She should not consider the gender discrimination as is rampant in this time. Susan P. McGalla attained her degree in business and marketing from mount union college. Afterwards, she was employed by the same institution as the college’s board of advisors.

Susan P. McGalla has learned to be comfortable working with both men and women excellently. It is this confidence that led to Susan P. McGalla success. Susan P. McGalla has worked with the Joseph Horne Company after which she moved and worked with the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. while in this company, she excelled out of the odds and worked in chief executive positions. Prior he employment into the company, no female worked on either the board or in the management positions. Her ascensions were a remarkable change in the corporate culture of the organization in which both the men and women participated in its success. Susan P. McGalla eventually became the president of the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc together with its chief merchandiser. The American Eagle Outfitters is a company dealing with revenues of $3B, P & L, four brand, and e-commerce site.

Susan P. McGalla has grown since that time in her career. Susan P. McGalla is now one of the top consultants to many that need insider knowledge of the retail business. Susan P. McGalla earned her autonomy in career out of years of hard work towards her goal. Gender indifference has never factored in through her professional experience.