In 2015, Capital Group, one of the nation’s largest wealth management and private equity firms, appointed Tim Armour chairman of the group’s executive committee. Armour, who had been an analyst at the prestigious fund for 32 years, succeeded Jim Rothenberg, who passed away last year, as part of the company’s established succession plan. Before becoming chairman, Tim Armour had been an equity portfolio manager specializing in global telecom and the service sector. Tim joined Capital Group after earning a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College in Vermont.

In September 2015, Armour shared his thoughts on the US stock selloff. The shock started as a major plunge in Chinese markets. Armour views the dip as a natural and expected correction process after six years of steady growth, especially since stocks were overvalued in some sectors. He thinks Fed interest rate hikes will be beneficial, especially in the long run, since they will direct capital flow to investments with good returns and strengthen financial institutions. Armour views the selloff as part of China’s growing pains in their transition from a command economy to a more open, Western-style free-market system.

Capital Group is the home of American Funds, one of the world’s largest families of mutual funds. In addition, in the 1950’s it became one of the first companies to adopt the multi-manager system of managing funds. One of the US’s strongest equity firms, Capital Group has more than 1.4 trillion dollars under management. Its American Funds family is rated A by Morningstar. CFA Janet Yang sees Capital Group and American Funds’ success as a reflection of their innovation in embracing the multi-manager model. She also believes that the company’s culture of hard work has been key to its success. Moreover, Yang thinks Timothy Armour’s extensive experience makes him the perfect candidate to lead Capital Group.

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Jason Halpern has recently announced that his company, JMH Development, has completed construction of its Aloft South Beach hotel resort. The hotel is located in Miami Beach and has been specifically designed to attract people who are interested in being situated right in the heart of the action.


Aloft South Beach is somewhat unique among hotels in the area in that it is actually a remodeling of an older hotel, known as the Motel Ankara. This historic site was remodeled into the Aloft South Beach hotel through a joint venture between JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures. Despite being recently completed and opened for use by the general public, Aloft South Beach remains the newest constructed hotel in the area in over five years.


In addition to its prime location along the beach, Aloft South Beach also boasts access to Lake Pancoast, as well as the Collins Canal. For those interested in other activities around the city, Aloft South Beach also happens to be relatively close to the Bass Museum of Art.


The success of Aloft South Beach should come as no surprise to anyone with knowledge of JMH Development or Jason Halpern. As a real estate development company, JMH Development has decades worth of experience in the industry, which has translated into a reputation for both innovation and efficiency. In fact, some of JMH Development’s work has received awards and recognition from within the industry, including their 2011 award for adaptive reuse of buildings in Brooklyn. If their success with Aloft South Beach is any indication, it’s clear that Jason Halpern will only continue to have a positive effect on the industry as he continues to seek out new ways of innovating and developing land.


The Securities and Exchange Commission currently offer various privileges to its whistleblowers due to the helpful information that they provide. The provision of this rights is made possible by the SEC whistleblower protection program. This plan was established in 2010 when the Congress passed two major legislations that transformed the finance industry, and they are the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank’s Wall Street Reform. The Great Depression was the last law that had led to such a significant change before the approval of these two acts. The mandate of creating the informant protection program was offered by the Dodd-Frank Act. The plan’s regulations demand that anyone who provides information to the SEC should be given job security and a financial motivation.


The passing of the whistleblower protection program motivated many law companies to start offering legal representation to the informants of the SEC. Labaton Sucharow is a law company that was formed 50 years ago and the primary services that the firm provides deal with plaintiff representation. In 2010, the law firm became the first to start a whistleblower representation practice that has developed over time. Its way of filing lawsuits is outstanding, and this has been essential in offering top-notch services. The company has employed professionals who are well informed on the enactment of the state and federal laws that govern securities. Its experts include financial analysts, in-house investigators, and forensic specialists. Labaton Sucharow’s partner, Jordan A. Thomas, the provision of whistleblower representation solutions at the company. He once served the SEC as a deputy director. Jordan is an experienced SEC whistleblower lawyer, and he was on the committee that formed the protection program.


According to the commission’s whistleblower security program, the witness should be given about a third of the money that is collected due to sanctions on the lawbreakers. Their jobs are also safeguarded, and they cannot be fired. The Dodd-Frank Act has prohibited the reprisal of employers to the information sources.


Individuals who are willing to learn more about the informant security program can contact the whistleblower representation team via phone calls, emails, or visiting their offices. It is advisable for the witness to hire a SEC whistleblower attorney if he or she would like to remain anonymous. The information that is provided to the organization if protected by attorney-client privileges. The Commission does not charge the public any consultation fees.

According to Growth Hackers, Kenneth Goodgame holds the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company. He has held this position since 2013. Mr. Goodman has a rich education background having graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

His knowledge has helped him excel in profit/loss management and enabled him to build high caliber teams to help him conduct his duties. Goodman has transformed True Value Company to an international brand by relying heavily on his customer-based philosophy, experience and customer knowledge. He is credited with developing innovative programs and unique product launching techniques for True Value Company that created instant impact in the international marketplace.

Kenneth Goodman has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work for other companies before joining True Value Company. One of those companies is Ace Hardware as the Global Materials Manger. While at the company, he designed long-term growth plans and drove record sales. He did this by improving the processes that existed in the company and developing new products.

Other than Ace Hardware, he has also worked for Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, The Home Depot and Black and Decker. Probably his biggest achievement while working for Rubbermaid Cleaning Products was coming up with the patented wave break technology for their mop products.

Mr. Goodgame can be described as a man of many talents, other than being a great leader in the areas of brand recognition and product creation; he is also quite creative. His leadership skills allow him to have the ability to turn many ideas from him or his peers into a unified vision.

The willingness he portrays to work as team player motivates his colleagues as they feel trusted by their leader. Mr. Goodman’s vision for every company that he has been an employee has been to help the company to be a market leader in their category.

Kenneth Goodgame is a leader that every company ought to have. True Value Company is certainly reaping the benefits of hiring him. They certainly will continue to enjoy success as long as he is a part of their team.

Since she was elevated to CEO of Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has had to balance two seemingly conflicting goals: provide quality health care to a populous that has an overabundance of indigent patients and address financial difficulties of long duration.

Before Gill accepted the CEO position, it looked as if the job were cursed. A revolving door of CEOs passed through the hospital, three in four years, and departed before the ink was dry on their business cards. However, in Maggie Gill, Memorial Health has thrown in its lot with a known entity.

Ms. Gill was adopted into the Memorial Health family in 2004 as the Vice President of Finance and Managed care. In 2005, she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and in 2011, Memorial Health placed the reigns into her capable hands.

Even when she came to Memorial Health, Ms. Gill was not unknown in the industry. She had five years under her belt as the Chief Financial Officer of Tenet South Florida Health System. There she received the prestigious Tenet Outstanding CFO award three times.

From 2011 on, Ms. Gill has been balancing both the books and the demands of her community. For financial stability, she has worked on partnership programs as well as instituting efficiency and fund-raising efforts within the hospital.

Treatment and expenditure analysis often intersect in junctures that present opportunities for savings. For example, analysis revealed that many return hospital visits may be circumvented by more significant patient education, supplemented by wellness understanding.

To realize these savings, Maggie Gill has supported care coordinators whose job it is to educate patients, particularly those with chronic illnesses who are most likely to require return hospitalizations. Through greater understanding of their conditions, these patients may require fewer hospitalizations. This can result in cost and treatment savings as well as improved quality of life.

Another area of balance being explored by Ms. Gill is preventative care. Educating the populous on healthy living options and practices can help the healthy maintain their health and can prevent complications that lead to hospitalizations. In this area, Ms. Gill is even reaching down into the youth population to inculcate excellent wellness practices that they in turn can use when raising their own families and in assisting in the care of older relatives.

Ms. Gill’s approach has already born fruit in improved financials. Of course, measuring the success of the wellness education program is a longer-term proposition, but Ms. Gill is convinced that this is an area in which the hospital must invest for future gains in both practical and humanistic realms.

The recent election is unlike any we’ve seen in modern history. So, it stands to reason that the country could use something practical to bring us all together. Bison just may be the solution.


November 5 was National Bison Day, which is the perfect time to celebrate all things wonderful about this great animal that is a simple of authentic American culture. Bison reside in the grasslands of American and a number of ecosystems depend on the animal. Tourists come to various parts of the country to observe the bison and the mammal is also a symbol of Native American culture. Tribes have used all parts of the bison to sustain their communities for centuries. Native Americans also assign a spiritual significance to the bison.


But, how does the bison help with the presidential election, you ask?


The answer is clearer than you think. The creature has already brought two political parties together this year. Both Representatives and Senators agreed to pass a bill in April 2016 to make the bison the National Mammal of the United States. Those who voted to pass the bill are of various faiths and cultures. The bison is also a representative of Western culture and is a reminder of the conservation history of the United States.


Even though Congress took some time to agree on the bill, the bill passed both houses unanimously and President Obama signed the bill to make it a law on May 9.


It looks like bison will continue bringing people together, just as it has in the past. However, near the end of the 20th century, the bison was near extinction. At this time, there were only 1,000 bison in the U.S. William Hornaday, who would later become Bronx Zoo’s director, conducted a survey that ranchers, Native American tribes and conservationists could help to bring the bison back.


The bison will still be here, throughout all the political changes the country endures, and National Bison Day can serve as a symbol of togetherness for the country.



James Welch, a Native American writer, is being posthumously recognized by Google for his contributions to literature as well as the Native American rights movement. The writer will be the featured Google Doodle which sits atop the search engine’s search box. This would have been Welch’s 76th birthday. He passed away in late 2003.


James Welch is widely regarded as one of the prominent writers and founders of the Native American Literary Renaissance. He was born in 1940 on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of Browning, Montana. Welch’s poetry and novels focused primarily on the life of Native American’s on his own Blackfeet Reservation. Despite Welch’s worries about not being accepted or even read as a Native American author, his works were widely published and thoroughly celebrated.


The celebration of Welch’s rich work comes at a time when many Native American’s are pushing forward to be recognized after years of neglect. Most recently, there has been a large and out-spoken resistance from many Native American tribes against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. The DAPL is designed to bring crude oil from North Dakota to more southern areas.


There have been massive and unwavering protests against the construction of the pipeline, especially from the Native American community. One area of particular interest is where the DAPL is planned to go under the Missouri River. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota, backed by several celebrities and members of other tribes, are remaining strong in their opposition to the construction of the pipeline over their land.


It was in the year 2015 when the Brown Agency was born after acquiring and re-launching the Talent-south Acting Agency. The former Wilhelmina Austin and Talent-south Acting Agency merged to form the new agency was which they celebrated in a breathtaking style. The thrilling party was attended by many including influential people in the world of fashion. The event termed as Formula One Party gladly featured the Full Tilt Fashion show. Brown Agency found the venue in which they held a party to be a perfect place for them to release the excitement and the hype they have been holding on for some months.
Justin Brown, who formerly headed Wilhelmina, now serves as the president of the new Brown Modelling Agency. He expressed his pleasure in acquiring Talent-South Acting Agency saying that the achievement is perfectly timed and fits their growth program. You could tell his optimistic excitement about the future from his voice. Brown believes that the acquisition gave them an opening to new opportunities and hopes. He appreciated the community for walking with the agency through the journey of success and promised to cooperate with them as they support the fashion industry. Since the Agency’s inception Brown said that they have carried out several rewarding contracts and he was looking forward to more with high expectations.

Michael Bonne who was the founder of the Talen-South Agency applauded the accomplishments of both companies and pointed out that the two merged can achieve what seemed like impossible in the world of modeling and talent. More attendees of the party including actors, models, and other agents expressed their delight about the joined forces as well.
Combining a theatrical agency and fashion agency means a powerful entity featuring talent and fashion as well. Wilhelmina agency has been in operation since 2010 and has been providing professional and experienced models to their commercial and fashion clients. Talent-south agency on the hand has been one of the best acting talent agency in Austin. The combination of the two to form the Brown Agency makes it an all-rounded company.
About The Brown Agency
Brown Agency, formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin is a talent and modeling agency born after acquiring Talent-south Agency in the year 2015. The company is headquartered in Austin and led by its founder Justin Brown. The company has grown to the top of the fashion industry in Texas. The company has showcased Models and talent to their clients representing big brands such as Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and L’oreal among others.
The runways sessions they have successfully participated include Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week among others. Justin Brown says that they are as good as their talent and they pride in getting the best talents and nurturing them to fit in great markets. That done, they provide the most beautiful, professional, talented and reliable team in Texas.

With the improvement of health care on many Native American reservations, many tribes are experiencing a surge in birth rates. An already straining housing system makes this situation even more difficult. The Northern Arapaho is one of the tribes who have been affected by the limited living spaces.


The Northern Arapaho, along with many other Native American tribes, carry on the tradition of mulch-generational living. A typical household on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming includes three generations or more. When children become older, they eventually end up taking care of their elderly parents. Now with the surge in populations, many tribes are experiencing cramped living spaces.


For the Northern Arapaho, the situation is particularly strained. The population has increased to 11,000 people. However, there are only 230 homes on the reservation to accommodate all of them. Housing directors for the tribe have admitted that they are falling short of sufficient resources to deal with the new population numbers.


With low funding, all of the available money is being spent on maintaining the current homes. Much more money and investment is required as an estimated 600 more homes are required to handle the amount of people in the Northern Arapaho tribe. In the meantime, family members have been cramming into the limited housing spaces by sleeping on floors, couches and benches in some cases.


The rich, mulch-generational living practice contributes to a more cohesive and collectivist culture. Members of the Northern Arapaho tribe have decided to continue their tradition despite the limited number of housing.


While most people associate beers and ales from Britain, wine from the UK has been making a splash in the past several years with increased awards, production and hectarage. England and Wales have about 500 vineyards between them. UK Vintners are producing sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The sparkling wines constitute the majority of wines, however, reds and whites are a rising trend. The online sales of English wines such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer have sharply increased.

The French are getting in on the action with Tattinger investing in sparkling wines from England and that says a lot. Speaking of sparkling wine, Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs, 2009, a pale gold bubbly with grapes produced in its Sussex vineyards was a big award winner in this year’s International Wine Challenge. Bolney Estate, won the Gold Outstanding medal in the International Wine & Spirit Competition for its Blanc de Blancs 2007.

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In more recent years, Bolney Wine Estate has produced an award winning red, its Pinot Noir, 2014. It won a silver medal in the International Wine Challenge. Another notable red is the Trevibban Mill Black Ewe Red, 2014 from its organic Cornish vineyard, winning a silver award at the International Wine Challenge. It has a rich bouquet of berries underscored with black cherries and cloves and goes wonderfully with roasted lam, cheese and is great for sipping all by itself.

There are also wonderful rosé options from UK Vintners to choose from such as Sixteen Ridges Rosé, 2014, great on a hot summer day with its rich and dry flavour that pairs well with shellfish, pasta and cheese. Camel Valley, specializing in rosé, white and red wines since 1989, produced an award winning Cornwall Brut 2010 from the International Wine Challenge. Their Pinot Noir Brut 2010 won gold at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards.

Hush Heath Estate was founded in 1503 and is known as the only UK Vintner producing three Champagne varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. It’s Balfour Brut Rosé, has won numerous awards, including the Gold Medal and Trophy at the International Wine Challenge in 2008. In 2009, Balfour Brut Rosé won the Gold Medal and Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards. This was the first time an English vintner was awarded this honor.

Clearly, UK Vintners are flourishing.

When it comes to white wine in the UK, Giffords Hall Bacchus, 2014 is an excellent choice that refreshes the palate with its crisp flavour. Bacchus is a Riesling/Sylvaner cross from the East Anglian region. East Anglia has a number of outstanding vineyards in the region.