Watching a video of a father talking and interacting with his kid while he is still in prison is more than impressive. The father can interact with the kid just the same way he could have done when in physical contact. Actually, it is hard to notice that the interaction is a video one, and I almost thought that the child had physically visited the father. Talking, watching cartoons with the kid and even watching the child dance is relieving to a father. More importantly, it helps the kid who may not even realize that the interaction is on video. The child feels the fatherly love and presence as before.

Securus Technologies is the company behind video visitation. The company’s website provides the procedure which family members can follow and interact with their loved ones in prison just as if they had visited them physically. Video visitation saves both time and money and is convenient because, for a fee, one could interact with their loved ones in prison at any time, provided that they have a computer and internet.

Founded in 1986, the company has its headquarters in Dallas and regional offices located in several other places like Allen and Atlanta among others. It has served in the corrections industry and provides such services as incident management, investigation, communication, public information, verification, information management, communication, inmate self-service among others.

Currently, the company serves about 3,400 correctional facilities across the United States. Additionally, it serves over 1.2 million prisoners across 48 states in the US. The company is a leader in cutting-edge innovations and currently, it owns over 140 patents with 90 others pending issuance. Therefore, it is not a wonder that Securus has invented video visitation technology. Its successes can rightly be attributed to its large number of staff who are qualified and committed to delivering quality services through innovation.

In addition to providing unmatched quality services inspired by innovation, Securus has the community interest at heart. To this end, the company owns and runs a memorial fund that provides financial support to families of correctional officers who die in the line of duty. The fund makes a gratuitous payment of an amount equal to a one year’s salary of the fallen officer.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.