Esther Belin is respected multimedia artist and poet. Just recently, the artist was awarded the Pushcart Prize due to her contributions to the industry and her significant achievements. Apart from winning the great prize, Esther was also recently recognized by Sherman Alexie, one of the best-selling authors in the world because of her great poems. It is, however, incredibly shocking to discover that there is no single article about the talented and successful poet in the most popular site in the world, Wikipedia.

Esther Belin is not the American native mission from the important site at the moment. A recent study revealed that Wikipedia does not contain any valuable content about famous people in the country. This means that more individuals in the globe should be encouraged to write content about these people.

In October 2016, the Wikiconference took place in the United States, and individuals from all parts of the world were invited to come and celebrate the Indigenous People’s Day. This year, the special conference witnessed some changes because it was attended by editors and other enthusiasts who want to bring positive changes in the Wikipedia page creation.

Participants of the conference said that this year, one of the primary topics was fleshing out the articles that talk about the Native Americans and other indigenous individuals in the globe. The organizers of the event also ensured that the content about historical figures, movements and tribes was expanded. Some unique new items were also created during the event.

Wikipedia is actually one of the largest web projects at the moment. It is believed to encompass over five million articles, in just one language. The reputable site currently has almost thirty million users, but its editors have turned a blind eye on some crucial aspects such as the indigenous people. People are wondering why this is happening, despite the popularity of the site.

One of the main reasons for this has to with access and demographics. A recent research revealed that local users of the sire do not take on the projects that define or represent their cultures. The study also showed that the high-income nations in the world were disproportionately represented.

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