Many a time, we celebrate people when they are no longer alive, something I have always considered saddening. In my view, to honor the real heroes and heroines, we ought to acknowledge their existence while they are still full of life. To this end, it is an individual like Troy McQuagge that deserves our full admiration and respect. For more than thirty years, Troy has labored tooth and nail to see to it that individuals, start-ups, and small companies get the best health insurance covers that suit their individual needs. As a man who has built his career on selling health insurance covers, he fully understands the role that health plays in productivity.



With Troy McQuagge being the President, CEO, and a member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, he has nurtured a team whose primary mandate is to sell the agenda of the company to its potential clients living across the United States. The University of Central Florida alumnus has a B.A. in Legal Studies, that has helped Troy become the ‘people’s advocate’ in matters health. So far, Troy has acquired forty-seven new skills that prove to be important in his line of work. Before joining USHEALTH Group, Troy made a living working for Health Market between 1996 and 2008. Thus, the hard working Troy McQuagge has built a career on a foundation of helping others.



Apart from leading the largest health insurance company in Fort Worth, Texas, Troy has found solace in volunteer and charity programs. Some of the public programs that Troy McQuagge has been able to headline in his lifetime include the Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, Phoenix of New Orleans, and the Trinity Habitat for Humanity. By all means, McQuagge has proven to be selfless in more ways than one.



With Troy being one of the best corporate heads there is in the market today, he has been able to emerge the winner in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. Thanks to McQuagge’s unique leadership skills, he has been able to bring profitability to the USHEALTH Group. Since 2010, Troy has helped restore the reputation of his company by using strategies rarely seen in the business fraternity. Troy, the Gold Winner of the 2016 Prestigious One Planet Awards, has been so influential as a leader to the extent that he has caused a positive impact on the lives of many employees at USHEALTH Group. McQuagge, in his speech, has been able to acknowledge that the success experienced at USHEALTH Group has not been his doing, but a product of hard work and determination by members of staff at the institution. Although Troy McQuagge has only been a leader at USHEALTH Group for seven years, he has done what many his predecessors could not accomplish.

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