Fabletics is a brand of activewear fashion clothing founded by Kate Hudson. In a recent press release, she was happy to announce the latest opening of the store at the International Market Place. The opening marked the latest opening by the company. Since it was established in 2013, Fabletics has continually evolved beyond brick and mortar store to become a leading e-commerce shopping destination. The latest store is located at the heart of Waikiki, a massive retail space that will expand Fabletics customers immeasurably.


The recent openings by the company shows its commitment to foresee the best services for its customers. Customers can therefore expect better results with regard to exclusive styles, prints, and clothing for their active lifestyles. Other perks experienced by members and customers are free shipping, the purchase online and pick up on store and the virtual online shopping cart. The latest addition of the virtual shopping cart has helped its customers complete their shopping experience online before visiting the brick and mortar stores.


Fabletics has moved its customer interaction to become mostly online. Before you start shopping, you may have to take a brief quiz with the company to assist you get personalized outfit recommendations for your lifestyle. The simple quiz will inquire questions such as your best attire, the colors you love and even parts of the body you prefer to accentuate when dressing.


All you have to do after completing the online shopping experience is to shop. Since Fabletics has a large array of clothing items suitable for different needs, the previously filled quiz should assist the company suggest the most relevant clothing items for you. You will hundreds of outfits designed differently and made just for you. You can also shop for other outfits too.


Once ready with the list of items you would like to purchase, you can easily checkout when ready to buy. You will have an option to check out as a guest. However, this option will not allow to access its VIP membership that comes with discounted prices. The best option for purchasing with Fabletics is to first sign up for the VIP membership. The first month of signing up is free and will come at hugely discounted prices for the clothing items you would like to access.


With the Fabletics shopping experience, you could save up to 50% off your normal spending. Anyone that loves such deals should opt for Fabletics shopping. No one can afford to miss the perks and offers made by the company.


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