Dr. Imran Haque, a highly-respected internist, caters to the internal medicine needs of the residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and environs. He is a highly experienced physician—over 15 years of clinical practice— who values the cordial and professional relationship with his patients. His expertise in physical examination, diabetes management, laser hair removal, and 360 resurfacing among other techniques coupled with his warm and friendly personality has enabled him to emerge as the most preferred physician in North Carolina.

As a medical practitioner who is tech-savvy, Dr. Imran continually scans the technological environment. He is passionate about the use of technology to solve problems in the medical field. He asserts that his practice, Horizon Internal Medicine, is leveraging the power of technology to provide quality care to patients. He believes that technology will continue changing the norms in the medical field.

Presently, Dr. Imran Haque is the man behind Horizon Internal Medicine. The medical facility, located in Asheboro, focuses exclusively on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult ailments. Horizon Internal Medicine was a culmination of Dr. Imran’s several years in hospital-owned Internal Medicine practice. He chose to start his practice to provide more specialized attention to his patients and he so doing, Dr. Imran was convinced that he was contributing to efforts aimed at making the society better.

Although running a medical practice is different from business as the goal is to help patients attain their health goals while enterprises are concerned with making huge profits, some principles cut across both professions. For example, hard work, diligence, in-depth research, and resources are essential requirements of running either a business or a medical facility; Dr. Imran knows this too well. In fact, he scores highly in the mentioned requirements coupled with networking and creating 2-way relationships with other experts.

With an entrepreneurship background, Dr. Imran understands that failing in business is not the end of the world. According to Dr. Imran, some of his companies were unable to pick up as he had expected, but even with the setbacks, he remained optimistic and resilient, and today he runs one of the most successful private practices in North Carolina.

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