In 2012 we saw the birth of Equities First Holdings, which was first known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Over the years the company got to expand by partnering with various investment banks, international law firms, etc. Equities First Holdings mainly specialize in financing businesses. However, it is not just anyone who can just be financed by them.


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Equity First Holdings deals with companies and individuals with high net capital. Individuals and companies that want a loan very fast but inexpensively. They have branches in different parts of the world. When you want a loan, most companies do ask for collateral, which is physical but not Equities First Holdings. With Equities your shares of your company usually work as the collateral.


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In most financial institutions share holding loans are mostly not considered. So many companies have been able to grow through this system, making Equities First Holdings expand their wings. In most cases, these loans are normally on fixed interest rates. The beauty about these loans is that they have no restrictions, therefore; the borrower goes without any obligations, even if the value of the shares decreases that will not affect the borrower. In it, all with how loans are becoming expensive Equities First Holding is the way to go and more information click here.


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Since Equities First Holdings have opened their doors, they have been able to do more than 650 transactions which are more than $1.4 billion. Currently, they have offices in nine countries across the globe and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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