Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of the QI group of companies. He heads a multi-business firm that is present in various sectors such as direct selling, hospitality, education, retail and financial services.

In 1998, the Malaysian businessman founded QNET, which is now called the QI group and is an international company that has offices in many parts of the country including the UAE. The company’s efforts are funneled towards merging traditional direct methods of selling with the evolving e-commerce platform.

The company has done business in selling precious metal models such as the commemorative coins in 1998 for the Olympics held at Sydney in 2000. With their hard work, they quickly became top three, out of 42, in sales volume.

According to QI Group, from working as a taxi driver in corporate America to a successful businessman, Dato Vijay Eswaran is now among the richest men in Asia. In fact, Forbes Asia gave a rough estimate of his wealth to be over $500 million USD.

Despite being a prosperous businessman, he is also a renowned author, philanthropist and consummate motivational speaker, having spoken to people from all walks of life.

As part of his philanthropic efforts, Vijay has founded several projects in the field of education, youth development and empowerment of women; these projects are all over the world. As a result, in 2011, he was listed in the Asian Forbes annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

Similarly, he was awarded the most coveted honor in regional philanthropy as he led the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute located in Malaysia as well as the International Leader in Global Success accolade. This was given by the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.

Recently, Sri Vijay Eswaran worked to shape the discussions at the respected 46th World Economic Forum (WEF). The forum was all about discussing mastering the forth-industrial revolution and he discussed about building mindful organizations.

In the audience were about 300 public figures including social entrepreneurs, young global leaders, global shapers and technology pioneers.

He has also been interviewed by several firms including the Entrepreneur Middle East. Vijay continues to be an instrumental figure in the business world.

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