It is quite motivating to read and know about the success of Susan McGalla. But the fact remains that all women are not able to find such opportunities. There is the glass ceiling which most women have to face. But Susan McGalla believes that there are ample networks as well as initiatives available for women. She is referring to these groups as she feels that they provide support to women leaders. They allow them to share ideas and work upon them. These are a platform for women. They can plan the strategy for their businesses this way. It would also allow them to connect with other women besides knowing about the latest trends that are happening in business today.

Susan McGalla believes that these networks and initiatives of women are working much harder now than before. Hence they have been able to make a change. Due to these networks, women are able to work hard and show that they are as capable as men of holding executive positions. These networks provide opportunities to women for being able to stand apart in the business world. It also allows women to support each other.

But Susan McGalla maintains that these initiatives do not address the underlying issues which are not allowing change to take place. Women need the support of other women as they are working in business. But women are filling very few senior roles in businesses all across the world. This means that men are still holding power in companies across the world. This only indicates that women’s initiatives cannot be the solution to this problem. Hence some other solution has to be worked out.

Susan McGalla believes that Executive Sponsorship may be the answer here. It may help to break this discrimination cycle between genders within organizations. Sponsorship opportunities will help those women who have highly invested in their career. Their sponsor should be a decision making executive who can work with women in order to help in creating opportunities. The person should be able to recommend women to lead projects or important assignments. This sponsor would advocate for women and help them to move up in organizations.

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