Helping Other People Everyday or HOPE is a program created by USHEALTH Group’s current president and CEO Troy McQuagge in 2010. At the time, McQuagge had just become president of the fledgling USHEALTH Advisors. Since the implementation of the program both USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group Inc., its parent company, have grown exponentially. The USHEALTH Group is now 10 times as successful as they were when Troy McQuagge first joined the company. With McQuagge’s vision and leadership and the company’s adoption of the HOPE program, USHEALTH now better serves communities nationwide. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

 At USHEALTH, H.O.P.E. is much more than simply a clever acronym. It’s a mission embraced by the management, staff and independently contracted agents that’s become an organizational commitment lived daily. It seeks to ensure the company positively impacts the lives of others. As part of the HOPE project, USHEALTH has worked with Phoenix of New Orleans to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The company has also provided the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area based non-profit children’s shelter, Crisis Nursery, with baby formula, clothes, shoes and other supplies valued at thousands of dollars.

 The goal of USHEALTH’s HOPE program is to use their resources to give back to the cities in which they do business. USHEALTH sees their business as more than just a way to make money, but also as a means to help people enjoy a better quality of life. Through the HOPE program, USHEALTH Advisors gave HOPEKids Arizona $25,000 in 2012 to support their efforts to help the families of children suffering with cancer and many other life threatening illnesses. USHEALTH also gave over $45,000 to the HOPEKids chapter in North Texas in 2013.

 Company CEO Troy McQuagge USHealth explained that helping and serving people wherever and whenever possible it at the core of the company’s mission. It’s the soul that lies at the heart of who they are as people and as a company. It’s the most noble way to live your life and run a business, he said. At USHEALTH, helping and serving others is something they see as their personal mission and corporate responsibility and isn’t something they take lightly. That commitment to doing selfless acts of kindness is embodied by the actions of agents of USHEALTH Advisors in communities throughout the United States.

 USHEALTH Advisors agents in Brevard County Florida have worked with the local charity Homes for Warriors Project through the Space Coast Paratroopers Association to cleanup, repair and prepare a new mortgage-free home donated to an Army Specialist. USHEALTH is also providing support for the Wounded Warriors Project in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company’s management, staff and agents donate hundreds of dollars each week to charities nationwide as part of the HOPE program.

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