If there is something that grabs the attention of the entire world, it is American politics on alternet.org. In the just concluded elections, a lot of individuals, corporate and non-governmental entities came out to support their preferred candidates. One of the groups that came out strongly in support of their candidate was the United PAC on endcitizensunited.org. They were supporting various members of the Democratic Party that were running for different posts. The group was looking for ways in which they could manage to tunnel huge sums of money to the campaign of their preferred candidate. By the end of 2015, End Citizens United had raised close to $2million and they were hoping that by the end of the year and when 2016 began, they would be in a position to raise close to $30million towards the same campaign.

The Director of the group, Richard Carbo revealed this information in 2015.

One of the main concerns that the group had raised was the fact that a law which was amended in 2010 made it possible for PACs to engage in politics. As a result, there has been a lot of black money getting into the American political scene on endcitizensunited.org. The group had created a petition to try and reverse this legislation and at the time, more than 300,000 people had signed it. The group got backing from one other outfit that was campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Ready For Hillary, and they hoped that this would help them get the 4million supporters of the group to participate in their cause.

End Citizens United had endorsed more than 11 supporters of the Democratic Party at the time. The one thing that makes this group stand out from the others that are dealing with the campaigns is the fact that they are looking at the social and also the political side of the campaign issue. As a result, they are backing their candidates and offering them a much needed protection from groups such as the Koch Brothers and others who make dark money part of their campaigns.

In 2016, End Citizens United started an arm of expenditure that was to be kept separate from all the other activities of the group. The arm has been offering backing to the many financial motives of the candidates they are supporting. One of the supporters of the move, John Wolderich, who is the policy director at the sunlight foundation, said that trying to push for constitutional reforms was both commendable and ambitious. He hoped that End Citizens United would make it to have the constitution amended, something that hadn’t happened since 1992. He hoped that the Supreme Court would take up its role of informing the public and that by the end of the day, the objectives of the group would be achieved.

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