Every since Troy was a young boy, he had always had the passion of looking out for others and doing things to help the world become a better place. Once Troy became of age, he started his own acts of kindness that involved giving back and helping people in need all around the world. Try eventually named this movement, HOPE. There is a strong meaning behind the word HOPE. HOPE is an acronym for helping other people everyday. In addition to Troy starting this movement, Troy has also been promoted to being the President of USHealth Advisers. Troy Mc Quagge Son has led USHealth Advisers to join in with the giving spirit.

After Troy became to president of USHealth Advisers, the company has made a decision to create a partnership with their parent company, which is USHEALTH Group. Since these two companies came together, they have been able to accomplish so much by helping and donating to others all around the world. Both companies have the same philosophy, giving part is a lifestyle for them. Giving back is a personal mission that the companies have created and it is not something that is taken lightly. Read this article:https://www.ushacareers.com/stronger-than-you-know/

Over the years, the company has donated and helps thousands of people across the United States. Some of their most notorious giving back projects consists of helping HOPEkids. HOPEkids is an organization that was created to support the parents of very ill children. This organization is a nonprofit and it helps these parents by giving them mental, emotional, and financial support as well. Troy’s company decided to donated $25,000 dollars to the company in order to show their support of the organization. Not long after this donation was given, HOPEkids opened another location for the company that is located in the heart of Texas. Because of this new building, USHealth Advisers and the USHEALTH Group decided to then donate more money to the organization.

both USHealth Advisers and USHEALTH Group are two companies who are more than happy to give back to people in need. Giving back is apart of natural life for them, and they will continue to keep up the good work! Read more on crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son


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