When most people think about Native Americans in the United States and the cultural issues and controversies that they have faced, they think about American sports teams and colleges and universities and the Native American mascots that often represent them. In addition, it’s easy to jump right to considering those specific difficulties that many Native Americans face when trying to live on reservations and operate businesses like casinos alongside standard U.S. business regulations.


To be sure, the relationship between the Native American community in the United States and the United States government and non-Native American citizens is a challenging one. Most people think about these things in passing, but solutions are rare.


It is true that these are some of the biggest issues in Native communities, but actually many of the challenges that Native American communities face in the U.S. are not related to casinos and mascots. In fact, there are many serious issues, such as policing and incarceration that are troubling to Native American communities.


Poverty Among These Communities


In addition to some issues that Native Americans face in terms of mass incarceration and policing, there are a large number of these indigenous peoples who are living in poverty. It is often difficult for them to find jobs, which causes other problems such as medical problems and overall malnutrition.


The Importance of Land and National Resources


Finally, one of the biggest elements of Native American culture is their tie with the land that they live on. For many of these people, the possibility of their land being taken away is frightening both on a practical level and a spiritual level. Only time will tell how these peoples will fair in the end.


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