Greg Secker is a famous philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and a great international speaker. It is the leading in forex technology. These are the companies that he founded for only 27 years and have become the giants in the industry. He has been able to accumulate millions of dollars in the sector and thus has decided to help the less fortunate in the society. He is the founder and the main financial of Greg Secker Foundation which happens to be the leading non-governmental organization which is always committed to improving the people’s lives and also helping various communities across the world.

Greg Seckers Career History

The successful Greg began his journey at the famous Thomas Cook Financial Services. The great trader had been employed by the company to help them develop a foreign currency software. He had great expertise in coding which he had developed while still at the Nottingham University. He pursued the food science while at the campus but abandoned his career while he started working with Thomas Cook. He used to sell them to his fellow students and in the process used to have a great passion for them. He started training himself how to code. Within few years, he had become a computer geek and was very good at coding. That is why he passed an interview to design and code a foreign currency trading platform. The platform was the first one in the industry and he was even awarded for his innovation.

Greg Secker also worked with the famous Virtual Trading Desk which happened to be the first online platform for trading. He later expanded his career and became the vice president in one of the largest Brazilian Forex Trading businesses called Mellon Financial Corporation. He had the privilege of working with the best forex traders in the world. He started attending so many seminars and found himself interacting with the world’s leading forex giants. His life transformed when he was able to see them trading live and executing their strategies.

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