Native Americans were once the only peoples of the land in the United States. Today, there are still reservations where Natives live and prosper, but it certainly is nothing like it used to be. Still, there are hundreds of individuals who still call themselves Native Americans, and their families identify themselves as such.


Tribes Impact New Name Meanings That Have Recently Been Uncovered


Largely, what a given person’s Native American name is depends on what tribe they are from. From Cheyenne and Cherokee to Apache and Sioux, there are a number of tribes who started in the United States, and their ancestors are still alive today.


Naming Traditions Vary but Are Often Based on Nature


Many of the names that you may see or hear about in Native American tribes will be based in nature. For example, if a specific individual had some significant connection with a horse or a cow in their youth, they may be named in connection with that animal. Other times, it may have to do more with the elements. For example, if someone had a connection with the wind or the rain, they may be named in connection with this.


Surnames Are Not Native American


Surnames, which are also known as last names or family names are not a part of the Native American tradition. Those who are Native American never have surnames. Certain Native American tribes will have two names, and one of them will be secret. The individual will never tell others of their secret name because it would give others power over them. But this name has great meaning.


If you are Native American, do some research within your tribe to find out what your Native American name would be or is.


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