Norman Pattiz the American entrepreneur is the founder of Westwood One. During his leadership, the Westwood One boxed out competitors to become America’s ultimate number one radio network and offered broadcasting of news, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry. The Westwood One is owned, distributed or managed by NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CNS News, NFL Football, the Mutual Broadcasting Systems, March Madness as well as NCAA Basketball, The Winter, Super Bowl and the Summer Olympics Games. In the year 2010 Mr. Pattiz established a Courtside and reappointment Group and he later introduced PodcastOne and PodcastOne sales a leader in the national podcast marketing and sales.




Pattiz served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of United States of America this was after he was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and later reappointed by President Bush in 2002. The responsibility of BBG is to perform oversight of all US nonmilitary broadcasting services such as The Voice of America, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and the Middle East Broadcasting amongst others. Among his contribution during his time of services include conceiving and launching Americas Arabic Language radio and television services to about Middle East countries as well as Farsi Language broadcasting to Iran that accumulated more than 40 million audiences.




As the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz launched Beyond the Darkness. The program is aimed at exploring the paranormal on the podcast network of the Chris Jericho. The network of the WWE’s star is part of the PodcastOne group. The program’s main purpose is to enlighten and entertain through the conversations of recognized researchers. The show is aimed to challenge the mythical beliefs that people have to establish in their lifetime, the way people think about aliens, demons, ghost, angels, miracles, ghouls and monster encounter will be discussed during the sessions. The show is to be hosted by Tim Dennis a radio producer and Dave Schrader Radio host and author. The episodes will be released every Monday through the PodcastOne app and iTunes.



In one of his comment, Norman Pattiz said that Chris had built a successful personal brand and had become one of the most respected people on the PodcastOne network. Due to his diligence when Chris started Jericho Network fraternity they knew that it would prosper beyond its initial starting point. Previously Chris had brought four comedians on board. He will now take people beyond the paranormal with the Beyond Darkness. The new experiences that will be created will entice more audiences than ever before.



Chris stated that he was delighted to announce the beginning of the Beyond the Darkness to the Jericho Network. According to Chris, both Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are at the height of the paranormal broadcasting. He said that due to their popularity he expected that the show would gain massive following. In additional he provided them with insight on a wide variety of topics.

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