Native Americans have been stepped on, discarded, and forced into reservations for centuries. The injustices that Native American have endured over the years are as bad, or even worse than the injustices that other ethnic groups have experienced. America is a white, Anglo-Saxon country that claims freedom for all, but the freedom that Native Americans have is a freedom with restrictions and mandates, and tribes around the country are sick of those mandates.



The push to build the Dakota pipeline is just one of many violations that the U.S. government is shoving down the throats of Native Americans. Trump’s edict to repeal the Affordable Care Act will eliminate a non-controversial portion of Obamacare that allows federal funding for health care for indigenous people around the country. Every tribal health care center will suffer because of that repeal decision.



Another issue that has kept Native Americans in poverty for years is the government’s tribal school system. Native Americans go to schools that are understaffed and have inferior curriculums. There are 182 tribal schools in 23 states, and the students in those schools score well below the national average because they are not treated equally. An inspection of tribal schools last year found asbestos and mold in several common areas, as well as structural issues, faulty electrical systems, and other unacceptable deficiencies.



The violent battle against Native Americans may have stopped 100 years ago, but the non-violent inhumane treatment of indigenous people has never stopped. Most Native Americans suffer in silence in a country that swears equal rights are the norm. Equal rights are the norm for the affluent in America. Unequal rights are the norm for non-whites in America. Politicians swear America is a country that respects the rights of all people, but there are silent addendums in place that void the rights of Native Americans and other ethnic groups.




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