Could you be searching for a financial establishment that will direct you or your business to accomplish financial objectives? Then you should not look any longer as Equities First Holdings is there for you. The organization has been in presence for more than 14 years, and all through the period, it has been able to serve a large number of customers. The organization provides services to clients who are generally new companies with option financial arrangements. It has outlets in various parts of the world including Sydney, England, Hong Kong, United States, and Bangkok. As indicated by estimations, the organization’s worth is over $40 million.


One of the challenges that startups businesses face is that of the loan insurance. Most new businesses have financial issues since they don’t have property to secure their credits. Equities First Company found this and introduced an option method for taking care of the issue, which is the utilization of stock as guarantee. With a few stocks, you can get an advance with no guarantee. The cash obtained can be reimbursed in diminishing rates; ranging from 4% downwards. On the off chance that the account holders can’t reimburse the credit, they simply lose the stocks but nothing else. Another extraordinary element of Equities first organization is offering of margin business stock-based advances. Different organizations offer the margin stock-based advances, but there is a procedure to figure out if the borrower is within a position to repay the loan back. The procedure may prevent some people from accessing the loan as they may not meet the minimum requirements. For Equities First, the case is distinctive. In the event that the borrower has enough stock to secure his or her credit, then he/she meets all requirements for an advance.


Most new businesses take long or fail to thrive when they lack support or fail to secure loans. However, with Equities first Holdings, there is light at the end of the tunnel for most startups businesses including individuals who face challenges in securing bank loans.

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