With great success comes greater responsibility, according to the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion: Bob Reina. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion back in 2007 in order to become a force in the video marketing world on the internet. More and more companies turned to the services that Reina provided until now, in 2017, any internet related business simply needs what he has to offer.

Talk Fusion helps connect customers and companies in a way that is efficient, effective, and affordable. Reina hasn’t let this success go to his head. In fact, Reina has turned his success outward in order to become one of the most charitable web CEOs in the world.

What makes Reina tick, it seems, is his philanthropic slant. Reina has created the option for a Charity Account for his employees to take advantage of. Employees at Talk Fusion can dedicated an account to the charity of their choice, allowing their work to help fund those in need.

In fact, Reina’s commitment to philanthropy has turned Talk Fusion into one of the more giving companies around. Don’t take his company’s word for it though. Reina talks the talk and walks the walk.

Only a few years ago Reina broke the record for charitable giving to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay when he signed a $1 million donation over to the charity. This donation was record breaking for the charity and it has been used to save the lives of animals every single day since the donation.

According to Crunchbase, Bob Reina has also given abroad, donating to Indonesian orphanages in order to help keep them running so that the children therein can live safe and healthy lives while they wait to find their forever-home. This kind of giving has done wonders for the world and with more success in the future for Talk Fusion, it should continue.

Talk Fusion was recently awarded the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their ‘Video Chat’ application. This award buoyed an already strong 2016 and it seems to be setting the course for what Reina and co. are aiming toward in the future.

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