Talk Fusion is a company that speaks the truth and is the truth, through and through. It is what has made it is endearing to so many people out there that use it in their daily life for their business. People also use it for personal reasons as well to get in touch with family members and friends. Ironically, Bob Reina started Talk Fusion because he wanted to send out a video email and it was sent back to him because it was too large ( He saw that as a chance to start up a company with Talk Fusion, the video communications company that has now been around for a decade.


When Bob Reina was interviewed recently, he talked about the importance of the company and how it is an all-in-one service. They have video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails, as mentioned. If someone wants to either start a business for the first time or they want to expand a business, Talk Fusion is the company they have needed and wanted for a long time. It has what the people have asked for, and Bob Reina and company have delivered again just like they always do and just like Bob Reina has always done.


When he was a police officer, he had the same approach to the job. He felt as though if someone was going to do something, it was important to do it right and do it with a level of respect and professionalism. In the interview, Bob Reina talks about the quality of the customer service over at Talk Fusion. They take each customer seriously. They don’t just sign people up and forget about them and consider them another customer on their list in an assembly line fashion. Everyone matters to them.


Bob Reina is quite thrilled with the development of Talk Fusion and how many people have been positively influenced by it. He knows, as with anything, the journey is never ending. This is just the start of Talk Fusion, and they have a lot more cards to put on the table in the future. Learn more:

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