The next time that you go on the internet, pay attention to how much effort goes into marketing by way of video. Whether you are on social media or a company website, video marketing is the direct way that businesses are reaching out to their customers. Over the past ten years, a Florida-based marketing company named Talk Fusion has been slowly changing the way that companies approach their video marketing efforts. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina and it has found its way to more and more success thanks to his efforts to stay ahead of his competition. Now, Reina and his company are priming for the next step with the release of their newest application, Live Meetings.


When developing marketing products, Talk Fusion has to look at the most effective and efficient ways to do so. Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page and CEO Bob Reina have focused more and more on utilizing WebRTC Technology in order to create products that can stand the test of time while improving the user experience. WebRTC Technology is likely the future of marketing due to the lagless way it helps customers interface with video. WebRTC Technology was the backbone of Talk Fusion’s 2016 Product of the Year, Video Chat, and now it is the backbone of Talk Fusion’s work on Live Meetings.


Live Meetings was developed in order to give companies the ability to hold massive conference calls with one-direction video. Live Meetings is set up to stream to upwards of 500 viewers at a time while up to 20 hosts rotate in and out, taking turns displaying their video and streaming to the masses. Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings will be effective in helping companies reach out in a major way. As Talk Fusion prepares the market for their work on the Live Meetings application, they’ll also be preparing their work with Talk Fusion University.


Talk Fusion is a direct-selling company that gives people the chance to sign up as associates to help sell the Talk Fusion marketing materials. Talk Fusion’s new university platform helps to give prospective associates the chance to take their future into their own hands. Learn more:

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