Adam is a Jew living in the US in California, having lived in Israel, and attended military training in early life in Israel and his studies in Israel. Both parents were Jews from different backgrounds who met in the US the mother from Mexico and the dad from Argentina who fought for the independence of Israel in 1948. Adam Milstein is compassionate about Israel issues thus contributing positively to the Jewish people both in Israel and around the world making Adam Milstein among the most influential Jews.

Jewish News Syndicate is an online news platform where you get the daily happenings of the affairs of Israel as a nation which gives the Jewish people and those concerned about Israel. With the most recent the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Thus being an important platform to gather daily happenings in Israel. Thus an essential platform for those concerned with Israel affairs like Adam Milstein.

Adam argues that anti-Semitism is on the rise by the day and becoming more pronounced than before and has since been the riding issue for the radical Muslims who are targeting Israel for all the wrong reasons as the claim.

According to Adam Milstein, the radical left are against Israel as the claim that it is oppressing Muslims which is not so,

Those of idea of anti-Semitism are viewed as role models for standing against Jews and are celebrated across with those who share the same ideologies. This is so for learning institutions were Jews are targeted for all the wrong reasons just merely exposing that they are Jews and hence victimized this should be condemned in the strongest term possible according to Milstein.

When chance present itself all those with anti-Semitism even though with different views the will come together and rally for this common course which is against the Jew people of Israel as this has been the case in many instances.

Adam Milstein is of the idea that given a chance the radicals will wipe out the whole Israel nation as this is their goal of all time given a chance to do so and will continue to rally their course.